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MF Korea
2F, Trade Incubator, Trade Tower, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-729 Korea
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Stacey Pyun , President

MF Korea

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, MOP Pad, Towel, Matt, Car Care

( Model Number : WF3 )

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, MOP Pad, Towel, Matt, Car Care

 Model Number WF3

Microfiber is the very fine yarn similar to 1/100 of human hair. It is made of 80%polyester and 20% polyamide. It is so fine and soft, that absorbs water and dirts so quickly and well with capillary phenomenon. Also, microfiber does not absorb water by itself not like cotton. Therefore, it drys much faster than cotton. In other words, microfiber products absorbs water well and drys fast. MF KOREA use only this 100% microfiber yarn made in Korea in order to produce home/building cleaning cloths, mop pads for floor/wall/ceiling, window cloths, optical cleaning cloths, car care products, body towels, cosmetic cleaning mitts/gloves. All of our products are made with 100% A-grade yarn and all the production procedure is done in Korea. That means we keep our quality control best among all other competitors. Our quality was proved by German motor companies and high class department stores in Korea, US, Malaysia and Australia.


  • Only with water, it works perfectly, so no need of cleaning chemicals!
  • This cloth gets rid of hard dirt with no scratch, cleaning out all the finger prints, water marks and more on the surface of goods.
  • It is microfiber, so, it absorbs water fast and drys fast!
    Moreover, with repeated washing, it is still soft to use.


Item No.
Premium Towel
80% polyester + 20% Polyamide
Standard size
76x150cm, 40x60cm, 40x40cm, 30x30cm, 20x20cm
Standard color
Beige, Peach, Blue
Any customised weight, color, & size available